Perceptions of Conflict: Official War Artists

Perceptions of Conflict: Official War Artists
Fra AUD 45,00 AU$
  • Varighed: 360 Minutter (Ca.)
  • Sted: Melbourne, VIC
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Since the First World War Australia has commissioned major artists to record and respond to the human and environmental impacts of armed conflicts. Use works from the Shrine displays and collection to learn about the experiences of two official war artists, Murray Griffin and Rick Amor. This program is ideal for teachers of Visual Arts, English, Philosophy and History.

·      Discuss, compare and contrast the interplay of objective reporting and psychological response in key artworks

·      Develop strategies for using art in classroom discussions of war

·      Discuss how different perspectives and values can inform analysis of the work of war artists

·      Plan an excursion to the Shrine which utilises our visual arts collections

Cost: $45

Duration: three hours

Next date offered: Friday 1 March 2024